Wednesday, March 30, 2011

king of who???

Who the heck is the kingofmuff???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the same at all ages

just yesterday i went out to dinner with all my family plus family friends and i have two, yes TWO, conversations i'd like to share with you. go ahead and laugh, we did.

first one:
me- i don't know how to explain it, it's weird.
friend-boys are weird. i'm forty five and guess what, they're still weird. you just have to find a level of weirdness that you're okay with and marry it.

second one:
dumb boy- i need to talk to you
girl- yeah?
dumb boy- how much longer do you think were gonna go out
girl- I don't long do you think?
dumb boy- i dont think much longer
girl- oh.
dumb boy- dont you think so? cause we barely ever hold hands.
*they are fourteen, and this conversation was over facebook. girl, it only gets better.

A REAL Love Story

Recently I've been able to witness a true love story. It is definitely NO fairytale from a story book. And to be honest, no one knows how its going to end. But its a story worth being told, and worth reading.

Yes, the prince is a stud, intelligent, charming. Yes, the princess is beautiful and sweet.
They met their senior year at the palace, went to the grand ball together, and shared
their very first true love's kiss with each other that special night.
They knew they were meant to be.

But the princess became very ill.
She learned that this illness might never go away and did not know what to expect of her future.
Hope had become very small.

The prince was faced with a choice.
Should he marry the princess, knowing that their love and life together on this earth might not last?
Should he wait around waiting for miracles and good news?
He didn't have to think twice.

They were married some short years later, and as they walked down those beautiful steps, hand in hand, they were glowing as if they came straight from heaven.
They rode away in their horse drawn carriage and made plans to run the kingdom together.

The princess is still sick. Still trying to recover.
The prince still keeps her spirits high and helps her with her medicine, adding a large dose of love every moment.

She has lost all her beautiful, Rapunzel-long hair.
The prince still strokes her face and head and tells her how beautiful she is.

She rarely dresses up in her beautiful dresses and is often tired and weak.
We still catch them dancing together in the living room.

The prince STILL loves her unconditionally.

So you tell me.
Which love stories teach the power of TRUE love?
We can't always overcome everything.
We may not kill the dragon.
We may not be able to reverse the curse of the evil witch.
We mat not be able to lift the spell off the princess and make her all better and healthy again.
Sleeping beauty might not wake up.

I now KNOW what true love is. because i've seen it. They are the greatest example. And I can't wait to find it.
And even if the evil curse ends this fairytale on earth,
Because NOTHING is stronger than the love of this prince for his beautiful princess.
And I KNOW that because this is a true love story,
This prince and his princess will live happily, ETERNALLY, forever after.

So don't settle for a prince simply because he rides an expensive white horse.
Don't settle for a prince because he wears fancy, royal clothing.
Don't settle for a prince with riches beyond belief that can buy you kingdoms.
Don't settle for a prince just because he memorized all the famous fairytale lines.

Find the prince that wants to save you.
That would sacrifice anything for you.
That would give his life for you.
That will dance with you in the living room.
Because you're worth it.
Because you BOTH deserve your happily, ever, eternal, forever after.

THE END (and beginning of forever)

<3 Bunni B.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heads Up

I lovelovelove getting new music, and there is a song all you ladies ought to hear. Look up "Runaway Baby" by Bruno Mars. It is genius. It applies to all those player guys out there and explains what runs through their heads. It's the warning I wish all the loser guys would give us girls before we give them the time of day. I would highly recommend it! Plus, it's just funny and I laugh every time. If you have a moment check it out!

"When I play, I never stay."



Sunday, March 27, 2011

I choose to be happy

Being a high school girl, I know life comes with a lot of stress and drama. In the thick of things, it's easy to justify our actions and over analyze every situation because, lets face it, thats what girls tend to do. But in the long run, no matter how many boys hurt us or how mean other girls are, there are still those that love us. I think thats what this blog is about- no matter what happens, we always know we can laugh it off with our friends.

When days get tough I just remember that this is HIGH SCHOOL and that nothing really matters. High school is for having fun and for laughing. Thats why, every day from now on, we are going to have a happy moments post! yayyy! Its just a reminder that even on hard days good things can happen. One of my favorite quotes is "Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections." Happiness is a choice. Our blog may be filled with boy drama, but in the end WE ARE HAPPY. Life is whatever you make it, so make it wonderful!

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow!


Happy Moments

Today I made muffins and they were really yummy! Also, I watched Princess Diaries, which is my ALL TIME favorite movie! -Ginger

Today I fell in love...with chocolate rasins! I also set a new record for world's longest nap (4 hours, try to beat it!!) And I got to play with SILK! -Kandi

Today I finished my AP Gov homework two days before it's due and I got to go visit my grandma tonight before she has chemo tomorrow! I love my family! -Trixie

Today I tie-dyed t-shirts with my family, and now every time I look at my hands I see rainbows and how can I not smile when I see rainbows!? -Karamel

Today I got welcomed into relief society! Who doesn't love to spend an hour with women who are twice your age and the only thing you have in common is that we are all sitting in the same room! -Cherrydream

Today someone told me they nominated me for three things on the senior vote list thingy, one of them being best smile. It made me so so happy! So I smiled! Plus there was Mexican Monday for lunch. Can't complain. Also, I get my paycheck today..yesssss. <3 -Lexxxi

Looks like i'm a little late on the happy moment posting.. but i have so much i'm happy about lately! I'm achieving my goals I set and am feeling so accomplished! and my whole family(especially my brother and his wife:) are amazing examples to me. I LOVE LIFE.
-Bunni B.

Do Explain.

So we break up, then you're instantly with another girl. Figures. But it's fine, it really didn't take long for me to get over you. I was over you before we even ended things. All I wanna know is...why her? Out of all the other girls you could've cheated on me with, why did you choose her? She is so different from me, almost the complete opposite. When we were together you said that you didn't understand why a guy would ever go for "her type." Well, look where you are now. In a way it makes me sad because she doesn't have the best reputation and, despite everything, I wish you would've chosen better. But whatever, it's your life, you make your own decisions. I want to ask you "What does she have that I don't?" But I think I already know the answer to that...

She's easy, I'm not.

"You had my heart inside your hands, and you played it."

Keeping it Real

This is to all those girls out there who read this blog,
(please read this with positive intent, I am not trying to be rude or negative toward anyone, i just want to keep everyones feelings intact)
When we first started this blog, we though it would be so refreshing to be able to read about those untold stories that were tearing at each others hearts. But, it most definitely has become more than that. I have noticed lately that some peoples comments are getting a bit too personal. What we post on this blog is only a partial story. Its the rotten end we got left with. There may be some parts of these stories that you readers haven't read or will ever read. So I ask, actually i'm begging you, please keep your unkind comments to yourself, or at least reread them before you click that okay button. Because whether you think so or not, they can be hurtful in ways that you never would have wanted. Let's keep this blog how we originally intended it to be. The MANHATING (no positive comments on this sucker, go make your own romance movie on another website). I am thankful in advance for you all being so kind.

keep it real readers.

breaks mend

So I've noticed a trend...
Things don't turn out the way you expect them to.

So a couple of years ago ago I fell completely in love. This love became my passion, and it became all I ever thought about. All of my hopes and dreams revolved around this obsession, and that's all my life consisted of.

I saw myself in the future. My love would be with me forever. This was the only thing that I could always count on. But I was wrong when it got taken away from me.

I cried myself to sleep, I stopped talking to my family, I even tried avoiding my friends.

But then I realized something.

WHAT is my frickin' problem?!

Had my life become so shallow that I couldn't find happiness from any other source? Were my priorities really that bunked?

Yep, they were.

So yeah, it hurts...a lot...but I know things will get better, and I'll have another shot later.

Because I believe in happy endings.

{love}kandi s.


Missionary letters would be so great...if i ever got one.
It was really nice of him to tell me that he only expected five people to write him, me being one of them. It was really sweet of him to tell me that he was going to miss me. It was really kind of him to make me think he cared. It was really selfless of him to get me to write him and then never give me a response. It was really thoughtful of him to tell me the same thing he was feeding to every other girl.
He's just a really considerate guy, don't ya think?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Empty Words and Broken Promises

Remember when....?
.....You told me you would love me forever and always and nothing would change that?
.....You promised you wouldn't kiss her, but you did kiss her the day after you promised me?
.....We had a plan and we were going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after?
.....You told me that I was "the one" and there was no one else out there for you?
.....We we went house hunting and found all these cute houses we wanted to live in?
.....You told me you were going to do everything you could to make things right between us and "earn my trust and my love back" and then you showed up with her?
.....You picked out my wedding ring and said you would start saving up to buy it when you came home from your mission?
.....You promised you wouldn't do anything but you ended up doing it twice?
.....You said you loved me but you wouldn't promise not to kiss other girls cause "making out is just  too much fun"?
.....You said that I was the most amazing girl out there and you wanted to be the only one standing by my side cheering me on and supporting me?
.....You told me you couldn't live without me and you can't see your life without me in it?
.....You said "I Love You" the first time and I wouldn't say it back because I didn't want to get my heartbroken?
.....You told me you told me that you would never break my heart and I was safe to be myself and let my walls down?
......You told me you told me that you had no feelings for me but only as a friend two weeks after you said "I Love You and still want to marry you"?

                                I remember all those times.
I remember how you would cry everytime you screwed up, begging for my forgiveness and one more chance.
I remember all those times you messed up and brushed my feelings aside.
I remember all those promises you made me, but turned around and broke them.
I remember the last time we saw each other and you told me you loved me and there was no changing that.
I remember you holding me and telling me that I had nothing to worry about because "she has a hard life and needs a friend and we are only friends and that is it."
I remember when you kissed your "friend" the next day after you told me to trust you.
I remember all the times you told me "I'm Sorry! It will never happen again!"
I remember all the times it did happen again and again and again.
I remember when you told me that I never supported you in anything.
I remember the time when you told me that you only came second to everything in my life.
I remember ALL those times I would waste my time, gas, and money to spend time with you.
I remember all the times we only hung out with your friends.
I remember when I lost all my friends because I was dating you.
I remember wasting a year and a half of my time on you.
I will always remember I deserve better than you.
I will always remember that I deserve the best and nothing less.
I will always remember that I deserve someone treating me and my feelings with respect.
YOU do not deserve ME.

Thanks for at least teaching me that I am worth more than what you ever paid for.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I believe.

Maybe this is because I haven't had that many problems with boys, but since this blog has started, I have read, and taken in all that you ladies have said, but it makes me sad to think about how awful you make love sound. I guess I am a little more optimistic that these boys will one day (some may take longer than others) become men and really learn that the girls they dated in high school are essentially the ones they are going to marry. And maybe even one day they will feel remorse for what they did to you all (maybe, there's a select few). I don't know why, but i feel like for some reason i have this new found hope that these boys aren't so bad, but rather just immature, inexperienced, and lack self confidence. If anything, I feel bad for the fact that they are so insecure in themselves that they have to use girls to make them feel better. But one day I think they will learn. But in the mean time, I will leave you with this:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wait...that was rude.

i remember being head over heels for you. i remember wanting to spend all my time with you... and what better way to do that than asking you to a school dance, right? wrong. i went out of my way to ask you all cutesy and i was so excited and then a couple of weeks later we went through our monthly breakup and this is what you said: "About the whole winter formal there someone else you would rather go with?" well considering i asked you, no not really. but since you didn't want to go with me, of course i said i'd find someone else. and then you got asked again that night? you must have known. douche. oh, and who'd i end up going to the dance with? that's right, my cousin. and then now you tell me that you actually really really wanted to go with me? bullshiz.
isn't it just the greatest how we were on and off all the time and then you left to college by texting, yes texting me, that you "want to have fun at college" and that you "won't if (you're) always missing mesa and thinking about (me) all the time" and how i'm "awesome but the closer we get the harder the goodbye will be" and that's why you "want to be just friends" but you'll "miss (me) more than the whole wide world :)" funny. because now you never talk to me and instead you have a new girlfriend. hmm..what happened to the whole not being tied down and having fun at college thing? oh yeah...just another excuse it's fine, you're a jerk and i'm over it.
love always,
karamel velvetspank.
PAAALEASE just send me to college already to the land of big boys who actually know what they want to do with their life... OTHER than strive to see how many girls they can hit up before their mission...

One of the great truths of life:

"there are easier things in life than trying to find a nice nailing jelly to a tree for example."

almost too much love,

Thanks for the Memories

You got what you wanted...are you happy now??

You make me so mad. You definitely could've handled the break-up better. I just wanna point out one little line you said to me that really pisses me off. You said "Thank you so much for all you've done." What do you expect me to say?? "You're SO welcome!" or "No problem!" or "Anytime!" Uhhhhh no way. What I really wanna say is "You are a douchebag." Basically what you're saying to me is "Thanks for the memories, you gave me what I wanted and now I'm ready to go screw some other girl over." What that line tells me is that all the late night talks, all the nights we spent together, all the laughs, all the hugs, and, most importantly, all the kisses meant nothing to you. It's good to know now that despite what you always told me, I really didn't mean that much to you. In fact, I don't believe you even liked me at all. I was just there for your entertainment. That makes me feel superrr great about myself. Thanks for making me feel so used.

"There's a side to you that I never knew. All the things you say were never true."

lexxxi b.
The Girl in Your Pocket

The big question. WHY did I give so much of myself to you? WHY do I STILL wish i could do things for you every day and find ways to please you and make you excited to see me?

Oh, right, I actually cared about you i guess. In fact you were the first and only boy that I have every said the three suicidal words to.. and when you said it I thought you meant it too. Or was I just the "girl in your pocket" that you could take out whenever you felt the need because you knew I would always be there?

A LITTLE piece of advice. If you're going to be a uh.. (we'll keep this a PG blog) if you're gonna be a jerk at least be sneaky about it and dont let your ex girlfriend find old text messages on your best friend's old cell phone... STORY TIME!!!

So he decided we needed to take a "Break" around the time of efy the summer we were together because his parents thought we were getting too serious and "girls are poison before your mission." sooo here's your conversations with your friend around the time:

friend- "so does she think you would get with someone?"

Jerk- "ya i talked to her. she totally thinks i would because i'm going to efy with you haha not that i blame her."

friend-"well would you?"

Jerk- "she would have to be like a perfect 10 though haha"
"should I tell her we should take a break until school starts?(railsesh break?)
hahaha awww I feel bad.. but i'll see what i can do."

so the question again.. WHYYY do we agree to be the girls in your pocket?

with incredible love,

Monday, March 21, 2011

The little train that couldn't commit...

There once was a little train
who lived upon on the tracks.
He never ventured far,
for he was far too lax.

He had many friends to count on,
and they helped him all they could.
For he couldn't go it alone,
but with his friends, he would.

One day he met an airplane
 that made him toot his horn,
but he knew he couldn't get her, 
he soon became forlorn.

But his choo choo friends, they saved the day!
They helped him break the ice
they told her many stories,
and they painted him quite nice.

She laughed and thought how funny,
a little train like he.
Could have these crazy dreams, 
That he could fly with she.

But she kept her mind clear,
and her heart open wide.
 For him, she fell out from the sky,
and he took her for a ride.

It didn't last too long
for her to realize
That to him, she wasn't special.
She was a feat, a special prize.

Our airplane friend's happy fall
 quickly turned into a crash.
She didn't know what happened,
but she knew this train was trash.

For a time, airplane stayed on the ground
so afraid to again take flight.
She wanted to stay, see what scared him away,
but he only showed her spite.

But of course, ms. airplane found her wings,
she set back into the sky.
She was quite literally over him,
but she still sees him chugging by.

He's now too afraid to look up,
He timidly scurries by.
The airplane learned a lesson,
from her little choo choo guy:

That trains belong on tracks
and airplanes???
The sky!
{love}Kandi S.

Did I Stutter?

Mmmmaybe yyyyouu ssshould ggget a llllifeee.

So remember when we ended things(once again notice the word "we")?? Well I meant what I said when I told you I wouldn't be with you ever again. I told you there wasn't the slightest chance so don't even try coming back to me because I won't be here. I thought I made myself very clear. Obviously you didn't get the message because you texted me last night wanting to "refresh my memory" of what we used to have. Well I didn't fall for it. The answer is still, and always will be, a big fat NO. I will be your friend, that's it. Don't come back to me and expect to pick up where we left off. I sure hope that wasn't what you were thinking. If it was, sorry to disappoint. I hhhope yyyyouu ggget the mmmmessage tthis ttttimmeee.

"I'm flyin' solo."

lexxxi b.

who needs boys when you have sundrop

best therapy there is


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Nice Try.
Here's a list of ten excuses that are all very real and have been said to me. Some of them have been used by more than one guy, and get this-one guy used every single one. lame. I'll include a comeback for each one since they obviously weren't legit at all. I hope all you ladies out there can relate to these because I'm sure they've been used against you too. Laugh a little (because I still am).

  1. "I never said that." ---Oh, really?? Because I can go back and find the text where you did. It's not that difficult to find either because you said it to me yesterday. It's funny how you can change overnight.
  2. "I just needed a guys night." ---Okay great! Go hang out with the guys, I don't have a problem with that. I need girls nights too. Just make sure I don't find out later that you were with another girl because that kind of defeats the purpose of a "guys night". Just saying. Tell me the truth and be honest, please. I hope you two had fun because I sure had fun without you!
  3. "Sorry, my phone died." ---Hmmm...sorry but that is the lamest thing I ever heard. If you don't wanna talk to me (or you're scared that I'll find out you're with her again), just tell me. Once again, be honest. Also, it's funny how you're able to text back your best friend when your phone is dead, but not me. Yeah, I was with him the entire night, don't worry.
  4. "She kissed me." ---Okay, what a load of bull#$!%. First of all, you should've said no. Sorry to bring T Swift into the mix, but it's true. If you really didn't want anything to happen, you wouldn't have put yourself in that situation. Ohh, and you let it happen. Plus, you kissed her back. For like an hour. Hope you enjoyed it because now I'll get to enjoy being without you. Oh, and another thing, don't assume that I'll be understanding and let you back into my life like nothing ever happened. Wrong-o. I won't be here.
  5. "I'm so busy." ---What, you're busy hard core flirting with as many other girls as possible?? You have to understand that I don't care that you talk to other girls when we're together, like I want you to be friends with other girls too. But when you're "busy" calling your ex late at night (you told me you fell asleep) and telling her you wanna get back together after you're through with me, that sort of crosses the line, don't you think? Ohh yeah I forgot, you don't think.
  6. "Life is crazy." ---You're crazy. If you want a relationship with me, then make time for it. Your life wasn't always crazy, and I understand that things change and life does get hectic, but I know for a fact that nothing drastic has happened in your life. You used to make time for me, so I don't understand how that can change so easily overnight. Sorry if this sounds selfish, but I just don't like being straight up ignored. But it's okay because now you make it so easy for me to say goodbye.
  7. "She's out of town, she'll never know." ---Okay this one is my personal favorite, it makes me laugh so hard. It baffles me. Do you realize that we hang out with the same people?? Do you realize that if you show up somewhere with another girl that it is highly likely that word will get back to me?? Obviously you didn't because guess what...I found out. It's crazy how that works, isn't it? Sooo, despite what you thought, I know. And I'm laughing about it. Ohh and also, thanks for lying to me about who you were with. Good job, you told the truth about how you were with the guys, but you just left out one minor detail...Her. Still laughing.
  8. "I just need to be single." ---Good, I think I do too. I'm glad the feelings are mutual. You stress me out wayyy too much and I'm fed up with your lies. Be single, please. Just know that the definition of being single is, well, being single. I don't know how else to explain it. So don't go get with another girl right after we break up (notice I used the word "we". Sorry, but you didn't break up with me, and if I remember right, I was the one who brought it up because you didn't have the balls to do it. So don't go telling the world that you did it and left me heartbroken, that's just annoying. Just a sidenote). If you don't want to be together because you have feelings for someone else, then tell the truth. Also, it's funny how the girl you got with just happened to be the one you were cheating on me with...
  9. "I'm just super tired." ---Really. Really. Not buying that. You've been tired for two weeks. Do you sleep at night?? Ohhh wait, you probably don't because you're up texting other girls the same lines you've been feeding me the past two months. I don't feel sorry for you.
  10. "I just need time to think." ---Yeah, you need time to think up some good excuses because guess what-you know I'm right. So please, think all you want. Think all day and all night. I'm curious to see what you come up with. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm right and you're wrong. All it does is dig yourself in a deeper hole and give me more reasons to laugh.
I sure hope you enjoyed these. Once again all these excuses are not made up, but were used in real life. Will guys ever learn and grow up?? I think not.

lexxxi b.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So...I was out to lunch today, with a dear friend. She told me to read this book cause she knows I have been struggling with the boys (but who hasn't been struggling!?) The title of this book is (pardon my "French" ) Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship I know this is THE man hater blog of all man hater blogs, but this book is quite good. I just started it and I am already highlighting and writing myself little notes in the margin! Ladies, once I am through with it (which shouldn't be too terribly long) you are more than welcome to borrow it!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Are you a girl?? Then stop acting like one.

Seriously, it's just embarrassing. STOP being so moody. Step up and face your problems instead of running away from them. Tell me what's going on instead of leaving me hanging all the time. Just be honest. You've been on your man period for like two weeks now and even for a girl, that's unhealthy. So grow some balls and fess up instead of moping around and pretending like nothing's wrong. Sorry to break it to you, but it's impossible for you to use a tampon. Suck it up, BE A MAN.

"Truth be told I miss you. And truth be told I'm lying."


lexxxi b.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i swear

if he uploads one more picture of them together on facebook, i will get on a plane and go stab him myself.

xoxo, ms. velvetspank

Saturday, March 12, 2011


To all you men(little boys)...YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Girls aren't stupid, like we have brains. We can tell when you're sneaking behind us, no matter how hard you try to keep it a secret. We can tell when you're lying to our face. We can see through the lovey dovey BS texts you send us. We know when we are being used. We can tell when we're just there for your entertainment. We know you're immature, don't worry. We know your lives suck, and we're not sorry. We don't have to be pro at COD because we actually have lives. We know when we're being pulled around on a string. We know when you truly care about us and when you don't. Ohhh and also, we know that we are smarter than you. Sooo here's some advice: Don't mess with our hearts, because there's nothing we do BETTER than REVENGE. You've been warned. LOVE you allll!!!!(sikeeeeee)

"You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul. so don't come back to me, don't come back at all."

xoxo- lexxxi b.