Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wait...that was rude.

i remember being head over heels for you. i remember wanting to spend all my time with you... and what better way to do that than asking you to a school dance, right? wrong. i went out of my way to ask you all cutesy and i was so excited and then a couple of weeks later we went through our monthly breakup and this is what you said: "About the whole winter formal thing...is there someone else you would rather go with?" well considering i asked you, no not really. but since you didn't want to go with me, of course i said i'd find someone else. and then you got asked again that night? you must have known. douche. oh, and who'd i end up going to the dance with? that's right, my cousin. and then now you tell me that you actually really really wanted to go with me? bullshiz.
isn't it just the greatest how we were on and off all the time and then you left to college by texting, yes texting me, that you "want to have fun at college" and that you "won't if (you're) always missing mesa and thinking about (me) all the time" and how i'm "awesome but the closer we get the harder the goodbye will be" and that's why you "want to be just friends" but you'll "miss (me) more than the whole wide world :)" funny. because now you never talk to me and instead you have a new girlfriend. hmm..what happened to the whole not being tied down and having fun at college thing? oh yeah...just another excuse it's fine, you're a jerk and i'm over it.
love always,
karamel velvetspank.

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