Monday, March 21, 2011

The little train that couldn't commit...

There once was a little train
who lived upon on the tracks.
He never ventured far,
for he was far too lax.

He had many friends to count on,
and they helped him all they could.
For he couldn't go it alone,
but with his friends, he would.

One day he met an airplane
 that made him toot his horn,
but he knew he couldn't get her, 
he soon became forlorn.

But his choo choo friends, they saved the day!
They helped him break the ice
they told her many stories,
and they painted him quite nice.

She laughed and thought how funny,
a little train like he.
Could have these crazy dreams, 
That he could fly with she.

But she kept her mind clear,
and her heart open wide.
 For him, she fell out from the sky,
and he took her for a ride.

It didn't last too long
for her to realize
That to him, she wasn't special.
She was a feat, a special prize.

Our airplane friend's happy fall
 quickly turned into a crash.
She didn't know what happened,
but she knew this train was trash.

For a time, airplane stayed on the ground
so afraid to again take flight.
She wanted to stay, see what scared him away,
but he only showed her spite.

But of course, ms. airplane found her wings,
she set back into the sky.
She was quite literally over him,
but she still sees him chugging by.

He's now too afraid to look up,
He timidly scurries by.
The airplane learned a lesson,
from her little choo choo guy:

That trains belong on tracks
and airplanes???
The sky!
{love}Kandi S.

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