Monday, March 21, 2011

Did I Stutter?

Mmmmaybe yyyyouu ssshould ggget a llllifeee.

So remember when we ended things(once again notice the word "we")?? Well I meant what I said when I told you I wouldn't be with you ever again. I told you there wasn't the slightest chance so don't even try coming back to me because I won't be here. I thought I made myself very clear. Obviously you didn't get the message because you texted me last night wanting to "refresh my memory" of what we used to have. Well I didn't fall for it. The answer is still, and always will be, a big fat NO. I will be your friend, that's it. Don't come back to me and expect to pick up where we left off. I sure hope that wasn't what you were thinking. If it was, sorry to disappoint. I hhhope yyyyouu ggget the mmmmessage tthis ttttimmeee.

"I'm flyin' solo."

lexxxi b.

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