Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Girl in Your Pocket

The big question. WHY did I give so much of myself to you? WHY do I STILL wish i could do things for you every day and find ways to please you and make you excited to see me?

Oh, right, I actually cared about you i guess. In fact you were the first and only boy that I have every said the three suicidal words to.. and when you said it I thought you meant it too. Or was I just the "girl in your pocket" that you could take out whenever you felt the need because you knew I would always be there?

A LITTLE piece of advice. If you're going to be a uh.. (we'll keep this a PG blog) if you're gonna be a jerk at least be sneaky about it and dont let your ex girlfriend find old text messages on your best friend's old cell phone... STORY TIME!!!

So he decided we needed to take a "Break" around the time of efy the summer we were together because his parents thought we were getting too serious and "girls are poison before your mission." sooo here's your conversations with your friend around the time:

friend- "so does she think you would get with someone?"

Jerk- "ya i talked to her. she totally thinks i would because i'm going to efy with you haha not that i blame her."

friend-"well would you?"

Jerk- "she would have to be like a perfect 10 though haha"
"should I tell her we should take a break until school starts?(railsesh break?)
hahaha awww I feel bad.. but i'll see what i can do."

so the question again.. WHYYY do we agree to be the girls in your pocket?

with incredible love,

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