Sunday, March 27, 2011

breaks mend

So I've noticed a trend...
Things don't turn out the way you expect them to.

So a couple of years ago ago I fell completely in love. This love became my passion, and it became all I ever thought about. All of my hopes and dreams revolved around this obsession, and that's all my life consisted of.

I saw myself in the future. My love would be with me forever. This was the only thing that I could always count on. But I was wrong when it got taken away from me.

I cried myself to sleep, I stopped talking to my family, I even tried avoiding my friends.

But then I realized something.

WHAT is my frickin' problem?!

Had my life become so shallow that I couldn't find happiness from any other source? Were my priorities really that bunked?

Yep, they were.

So yeah, it hurts...a lot...but I know things will get better, and I'll have another shot later.

Because I believe in happy endings.

{love}kandi s.

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