Sunday, March 27, 2011


Missionary letters would be so great...if i ever got one.
It was really nice of him to tell me that he only expected five people to write him, me being one of them. It was really sweet of him to tell me that he was going to miss me. It was really kind of him to make me think he cared. It was really selfless of him to get me to write him and then never give me a response. It was really thoughtful of him to tell me the same thing he was feeding to every other girl.
He's just a really considerate guy, don't ya think?



  1. They may not write back, but they still read the letters and e-mails that you send them. It's not their job to keep you occupied here back at home. You are not the number one thing on their mind. When he told you he cared and would miss you he probably meant it. When you're out in the field things get busy and free time becomes precious. They are on the Lord's time and only the Lord knows why they don't write. It's hard not receiving letters back but you have to understand that there are multiple reasons why he doesn't write and assuming things will only make what could be simple-worse. If you care about him then you should be happy that he is on a mission fulfilling his priesthood duty whether or not he writes you. If you don't care about him then you shouldn't care if he writes you or not.

  2. I don't think becoming a missionary excuses him from the obligations he made. If he said he would write, then he should write you!

  3. yeah I can def see both sides. he's a good person and all, so i can totally see him "getting lost" in the work--which is wonderful!! but he has put you through A LOT, so he should at least write something back. i'm not saying a big gushy romance novel needs to be filled with love letters.

    and honestly, you're non-mormon! you think he'd be all over writing you! silly boy. man? man boy?

    anywayssss. peace out. you're cute.

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