Friday, March 25, 2011

Empty Words and Broken Promises

Remember when....?
.....You told me you would love me forever and always and nothing would change that?
.....You promised you wouldn't kiss her, but you did kiss her the day after you promised me?
.....We had a plan and we were going to get married and have kids and live happily ever after?
.....You told me that I was "the one" and there was no one else out there for you?
.....We we went house hunting and found all these cute houses we wanted to live in?
.....You told me you were going to do everything you could to make things right between us and "earn my trust and my love back" and then you showed up with her?
.....You picked out my wedding ring and said you would start saving up to buy it when you came home from your mission?
.....You promised you wouldn't do anything but you ended up doing it twice?
.....You said you loved me but you wouldn't promise not to kiss other girls cause "making out is just  too much fun"?
.....You said that I was the most amazing girl out there and you wanted to be the only one standing by my side cheering me on and supporting me?
.....You told me you couldn't live without me and you can't see your life without me in it?
.....You said "I Love You" the first time and I wouldn't say it back because I didn't want to get my heartbroken?
.....You told me you told me that you would never break my heart and I was safe to be myself and let my walls down?
......You told me you told me that you had no feelings for me but only as a friend two weeks after you said "I Love You and still want to marry you"?

                                I remember all those times.
I remember how you would cry everytime you screwed up, begging for my forgiveness and one more chance.
I remember all those times you messed up and brushed my feelings aside.
I remember all those promises you made me, but turned around and broke them.
I remember the last time we saw each other and you told me you loved me and there was no changing that.
I remember you holding me and telling me that I had nothing to worry about because "she has a hard life and needs a friend and we are only friends and that is it."
I remember when you kissed your "friend" the next day after you told me to trust you.
I remember all the times you told me "I'm Sorry! It will never happen again!"
I remember all the times it did happen again and again and again.
I remember when you told me that I never supported you in anything.
I remember the time when you told me that you only came second to everything in my life.
I remember ALL those times I would waste my time, gas, and money to spend time with you.
I remember all the times we only hung out with your friends.
I remember when I lost all my friends because I was dating you.
I remember wasting a year and a half of my time on you.
I will always remember I deserve better than you.
I will always remember that I deserve the best and nothing less.
I will always remember that I deserve someone treating me and my feelings with respect.
YOU do not deserve ME.

Thanks for at least teaching me that I am worth more than what you ever paid for.


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  1. you are my twin. every single one of these applies to my life. <3