Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keeping it Real

This is to all those girls out there who read this blog,
(please read this with positive intent, I am not trying to be rude or negative toward anyone, i just want to keep everyones feelings intact)
When we first started this blog, we though it would be so refreshing to be able to read about those untold stories that were tearing at each others hearts. But, it most definitely has become more than that. I have noticed lately that some peoples comments are getting a bit too personal. What we post on this blog is only a partial story. Its the rotten end we got left with. There may be some parts of these stories that you readers haven't read or will ever read. So I ask, actually i'm begging you, please keep your unkind comments to yourself, or at least reread them before you click that okay button. Because whether you think so or not, they can be hurtful in ways that you never would have wanted. Let's keep this blog how we originally intended it to be. The MANHATING (no positive comments on this sucker, go make your own romance movie on another website). I am thankful in advance for you all being so kind.

keep it real readers.

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