Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A REAL Love Story

Recently I've been able to witness a true love story. It is definitely NO fairytale from a story book. And to be honest, no one knows how its going to end. But its a story worth being told, and worth reading.

Yes, the prince is a stud, intelligent, charming. Yes, the princess is beautiful and sweet.
They met their senior year at the palace, went to the grand ball together, and shared
their very first true love's kiss with each other that special night.
They knew they were meant to be.

But the princess became very ill.
She learned that this illness might never go away and did not know what to expect of her future.
Hope had become very small.

The prince was faced with a choice.
Should he marry the princess, knowing that their love and life together on this earth might not last?
Should he wait around waiting for miracles and good news?
He didn't have to think twice.

They were married some short years later, and as they walked down those beautiful steps, hand in hand, they were glowing as if they came straight from heaven.
They rode away in their horse drawn carriage and made plans to run the kingdom together.

The princess is still sick. Still trying to recover.
The prince still keeps her spirits high and helps her with her medicine, adding a large dose of love every moment.

She has lost all her beautiful, Rapunzel-long hair.
The prince still strokes her face and head and tells her how beautiful she is.

She rarely dresses up in her beautiful dresses and is often tired and weak.
We still catch them dancing together in the living room.

The prince STILL loves her unconditionally.

So you tell me.
Which love stories teach the power of TRUE love?
We can't always overcome everything.
We may not kill the dragon.
We may not be able to reverse the curse of the evil witch.
We mat not be able to lift the spell off the princess and make her all better and healthy again.
Sleeping beauty might not wake up.

I now KNOW what true love is. because i've seen it. They are the greatest example. And I can't wait to find it.
And even if the evil curse ends this fairytale on earth,
Because NOTHING is stronger than the love of this prince for his beautiful princess.
And I KNOW that because this is a true love story,
This prince and his princess will live happily, ETERNALLY, forever after.

So don't settle for a prince simply because he rides an expensive white horse.
Don't settle for a prince because he wears fancy, royal clothing.
Don't settle for a prince with riches beyond belief that can buy you kingdoms.
Don't settle for a prince just because he memorized all the famous fairytale lines.

Find the prince that wants to save you.
That would sacrifice anything for you.
That would give his life for you.
That will dance with you in the living room.
Because you're worth it.
Because you BOTH deserve your happily, ever, eternal, forever after.

THE END (and beginning of forever)

<3 Bunni B.

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