Monday, May 2, 2011


I didn't think seeing pictures of you and her on facebook would affect me.  But it does.  A lot.  I know I tell everyone that I am over you and that I "dodged a bullet" by not dating you anymore, but really I miss you.  We don't even talk anymore.  You have put me through H-E- Double Hockey Sticks and I don't know why I still have any feelings for you at all!  Maybe it's just the dream of you and I getting married and being high school sweethearts that actually make it and live happily ever after...but obviously you have changed your mind and our plan.  You posted a gazillion pictures of you and her on facebook from Prom...the dance we were supposed to go to together and have the time of our lives...but you took her.  Not me.  And what is the title of the album? "The best dance EVER!!!!!!".  You changed your relationship status to "In a relationship with her".  How long did we date and never do that? Why are you trying to hurt me?  You have already hurt me enough!  Can you please stop?  I'm begging you.  Please?

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