Monday, April 18, 2011

the title.

when a boy tells you stories about how his mom doesn't want him to have a girlfriend, or his dad, or his friends, or his brother, is that just a round about way to say he doesn't want a girlfriend? come on dude, i got the picture. no one wants you to have a girlfriend, not even you, and i understand that. did i ever say that i absolutely had to be your girlfriend or i would just curl up in a corner and cry myself to sleep? uhh NO. i'm not the kind of girl that's all boys all the time. i'm an independent young woman who doesn't need the title of "girlfriend & boyfriend." so please, i'm begging you, don't bring up another person who is telling you that you shouldn't have a girlfriend. i heard it once, i heard it twice, i've heard it multiple times and I KNOW what you're trying to tell me. i got it, do you?

*anybody else realize how many times i used the word girlfriend?...muwahahaa like a kajillion

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