Sunday, April 3, 2011

a first

So something that i don't understand in a boy (yep a boy not a man, cause as of right now, i'm pretty sure that's all that exist) is that they want to be around you and hang out and be friends, but they always expect us women to put in the effort and plan stuff. But if it isn't up to "par" for them, they're like ope screw it, we have other slutty girls to hang out with. yeah i just don't understand (and don't tell me to think like a boy, cause they only think with one thing, and I wasn't born with that part). welp thats my rant. please feel free to politely comment and tell me as to why this is. k thanks.

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  1. I TOTALLY agree.
    I sometimes wonder if there is such thing as a man... you know. A guy who actually.. um....cares!?
    Go to Mountain View?
    "Jane" has first ever advice column, now a blog.
    So if you have random or serious questions about boys, family, school or whatever,
    Jane is here to help!
    Stay classy Toros.